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Buying Your Smoothie Mix in Wholesale

Buying Your Smoothie Mix in Wholesale

The popularity of smoothies is getting difficult to ignore for bar and restaurants owners the world over. People have been looking for a healthy and delicious alternative to regular soft drinks for years, and the most progressive establishments are taking notice and making changes that reflect this demand. Innovative and forward thinking managers and owners are buying a high quality smoothie mix wholesale to keep up with the demand, but along the way, many have discovered that this seemingly simple product is far more versatile than previously thought. All-natural smoothie mixes can be used to upgrade desserts, and to create delicious and flavorful beverages, both alcoholic and virgin. Some smoothie mixes are available to purchase from wholesalers while some can be found at retailers.





Don’t be fooled into thinking that smoothie concentrates can only be used for beverages. While they’re certainly most often used for drinks, the intense fruit flavor found in an outstanding smoothie mix is a culinary tool that can be harnessed with surprising results. The different flavors make it possible to create more varieties of popular desserts using the same basic dish. Cheesecake, for example, can be dramatically changed by adding a dose of fruit flavor. Likewise, ice cream dishes can be manipulated such that further options can be had just by adding a little fruit concentrate. Smoothie mix makes an excellent dip for fried foods and even fruit platters. So experiment, you won’t regret it. 





The most obvious use for a smoothie mix is to make smoothies. However, if the right all-natural smoothie mix is chosen, you’ll have countless creations at your disposal. Adding a little water to the mix is a great way to make excellent juice from concentrate. A few drops is all that’s required to transform regular sodas into something new and interesting. For the truly adventurous, top quality smoothie mixes can be used to create all new alcoholic beverages. Don’t miss your chance at a world famous house drink by passing up the opportunity to experiment with smoothie mixes.



Choosing the Best


There’s certainly no shortage of smoothie mixes around these days. The secret to getting the best is simple. Read the ingredients! The most sought after all-natural smoothie mixes are GMO-free and vegan friendly. Moreover, there’s no sugar, chemical additives, or preservatives that could make customers question their selections. The right smoothie mix allows bar and restaurant owners to create stunning new dishes and drinks while adding real fruit and nutrition rather than chemicals and questionable ingredients.


For those who opt for smoothie mix wholesale, only rewards await. There’s just no loosing, provided the right smoothie concentrate is chosen. Be sure to check the ingredients and shelf stability before buying smoothie mix in bulk, and you’ll have access to the latest in gastronomical tools. Purchasing smoothie mix at wholesale could be done through clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. If you’re going to buy in bulk, make sure to take into account the expiration date of the product. 

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